Below you will find our most recent case studies where CamIn has supported its clients with developing and launching their new products and services.

chemicals & materials

Chemicals & Materials: Specialty Chemicals

Expanding portfolio into nanotechnology-based seed treatment solutions

We recently worked with an international vegetable breeding company who wanted to understand how nanotechnology could be used to develop new seed treatment technology. CamIn investigated nano-technologies that would be most effective in their specific use case, eventually evaluating 80 nano-based technologies for the development of new seed treatment technology. The technologies that they pursue through this initiative will provide state-of-the-art solutions for the global seed treatments market, which is expected to be worth more than US$13 billion by 2026...



Energy & Power: Generation

Decarbonising wind turbine blade manufacturing with sustainable bio-resin technology

We recently assisted a major wind turbine manufacturer in their efforts to make their turbine blades with resins derived from sustainable, biological sources. CamIn identified 20 types of bio-resins which could serve as alternatives for their specific applications meeting our client’s criteria in terms of technical performance and sustainability. In addition to making their manufacturing processes more sustainable and their products more recyclable, and will help them capture a greater share of the wind turbine market, which may be worth more than US$120 billion by 2030...



Mobility: Infrastructure Services

Expanding portfolio into new innovative infrastructure and transportation services

We recently supported a multinational infrastructure and transportation services company. We identified innovative solutions to respond to new market demands and improve the management of toll roads & highways, future modes of mobility, at airports, and in construction services. These novel solutions will enable them capture a bigger share of the more than US$18 trillion worth of transportation infrastructure development opportunities that are predicted to be available through 2030...


Oil & Gas: Refining

Diversifying into carbon capture technologies for new fuel and polymer product development

We helped a major refiner of crude oil discover new technologies that could capture CO₂ created during their production operations and turn this waste gas into other products, such as fuels or polymers. CamIn investigated the next generation of CO₂ utilisation technologies under development, and evaluated each of these new solutions to determine which would best fit our client’s specific goals. Our work helped them plan their entry into an industry where the global value for products and fuels created from captured CO₂ could be worth as much as US$800 billion by 2030...


Professional & Financial Services: Professional Services

Updating and expanding service offering of financial advisory practice through competitive AI technologies

CamIn recently supported a multinational management consulting firm by identifying low-hanging fruit to quickly improve their current service offering and game-changing technologies to expand into new lucrative technology-enabled business opportunities. The work specifically focused on identifying technologies in artificial intelligence (machine learning, processing mining, computer vision, natural language processing), big data collation, predictive/cognitive analytics, complex data architectures. This helped them gain further access to US$100 billion worth of financial advisory service opportunities that are predicted to be available by 2030...



Utilities: Electricity & Gas

Evaluating the technical characteristics and commercial potential of an innovative HVAC system

We assisted an industrial solutions client in evaluating an innovative HVAC system. CamIn evaluated the HVAC system’s pre-prototype technology, benchmarked its performance against competing technologies, developed plans for the system’s commercialisation, determined the best geographic regions to target, and identified suitable manufacturing partners. The guidance that we provided enabled our client to pursue the commercialisation of this new technology in the global HVAC market, which is expected to be worth more than US$100 billion by 2025...




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