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Customer experience

A confluence of technology trends is driving efficiencies, reducing costs and improving customer experience.

Companies already investing in
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PepsiCo ● L’Oréal ● Khan Academy ● KLiNGEL ● Nestlé ● Walmart ● Starbucks ● Dell ● Thomson Reuters ● Shippeo

investment opportunities in customer experience to 2026

Five promising use cases in

Customer experience

  1. Generative AI chatbots with deep learning for automating direct customer engagements via text and phone.
  2. Support Vector Machine Algorithms to predict customer behaviours based on historical patterns and offer incentives to customers.
  3. Behavioural economics with nudge theory, loss aversion, and gamification for personalised marketing suggestions in-app and online stores.
  4. Market basket analysis (MBA) to identify correlated buying patterns of different products, and to scour the historical shopers using Big Data models.
  5. Digital advisors and immersive VR/AR cosmetics experiences, such as virtual e-makeup, fragrance sensing, and scent printing.

What are emerging trends in customer experience?

Better machine learning and improved integration is helping companies drive value through customer experience. Improved customer experience offers customers solutions that are personalised, automated and gamified. Customers are increasingly benefitting from more sophisticated chatbots almost indistinguishable from humans that troubleshoot and offer instant support. More sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing, coupled with integration across various platforms such as smartphone apps are powering these improvements.

Use Case

Which sectors are innovating in customer experience?

Technology, media and telecom and professional services are pioneering in customer experience. Investment is also flowing into the electronics, technology, media and telecom, retail, food and beverage, and fast-moving-consumer goods sectors. Pharmaceutical companies are offering more virtual patient support via patient engagement platforms, and healthcare are improving engagement by deploying AI and analytics.


Annual growth in digital transformation sector to 2026


Opportunities in biometrics sector to 2026


Opportunities in customer engagement solutions to 2026

How can technology enhance customer experience?

Technology is used to improve engagement, pre-empt and solve problems and suggest additional products or services. For example, a healthcare provider could improve drug adherence by offering comprehensive remote support.

New technologies can also support the shopping and sales experience. Cosmetics brands use augmented reality (AR) to allow prospective buyers to try on makeup virtually. US cosmetics company NYX Professional Makeup, a subsidiary of L'Oréal, partnered with 3D and AR experience platform Poplar Studio to offer interactive experiences to customers.

As well as making the buying process more engaging, technological developments offer the chance to reduce costs through automation freeing up surplus to invest in other areas that their customers would value, such as better quality products, or lower prices.