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Over the next decade, emerging technologies will add over

10 trillion US dollars

to the global economy.

Emerging technologies, from low-hanging fruit to game-changers, are constantly creating new, lucrative business opportunities. These technologies are enabling companies to develop innovative products and services, to establish versatile new business models for their existing clients, and to access new clients. The new business opportunities enabled by emerging technologies are expected to be worth 10 trillion US dollars over the next 10 years alone. Our mission is to help you identify and take advantage of these opportunities.


Cambridge Innovation Consulting (CamIn) is an expert consulting firm whose unique approach enables companies to capitalise on the many new business opportunities enabled by emerging technologies. Using our unique expert consulting model in combination with our methodologies and tools, we develop and execute tailored product/service innovation strategies. This will allow your company to quickly identify lucrative business opportunities and to successfully launch new technology-enabled products or services.

product & service innovation strategy

To capitalise on technology-enabled business opportunities, companies must develop a comprehensive product and service innovation strategy. This strategy identifies which low-hanging fruit and game-changing technologies can address specific customer demands through new products and services. To execute such a strategy, companies must have the internal expertise necessary to discover and acquire the best technology assets, to integrate them into their new products and services, and to launch their new offerings.

Working with CamIn will remove the uncertainties in this process, as we can assist your company at each step on the path from strategy creation to strategy execution. The individual steps include identifying future-proofed technologies for a selected application, developing use cases to address market demands, acquiring the most valuable technology assets, constructing a blueprint for your new product or service, launching a pilot run, and scaling up for the full launch.

Camin'S expert consulting model

CamIn has developed a unique expert consulting model that is ideally suited to researching and analysing the complex environment surrounding emerging technologies and industries. Unlike traditional consulting firms that struggle to address this complexity, CamIn does not rely on any staff analysts or consultants to conduct our research and analysis. Instead, we assemble and manage agile interdisciplinary teams of technology and industry experts on a per-project basis.

Our handpicked world-class experts already have a deep understanding of the technologies and industries relevant to a specific project, allowing CamIn to provide you with the most up-to-date insights and recommendations. By utilising expert teams and our step-by-step methodology, we enable you to access new, technology-enabled business opportunities more quickly and with less risk than pursuing a project while relying solely on your internal capabilities.

camin's quality promises

Our recommendations will provide you with a specific, tangible, and immediately actionable strategy to pursue new business opportunities using the best emerging technologies.

We work exclusively with world-class experts who already have deep knowledge in the specific technologies and industries relevant to a project, instead of relying on a staff of generalists.

We take the security and confidentiality of our client’s information very seriously, and our commitment is certified by our ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditations.


Oil & Gas: Refining

Diversifying into carbon capture technologies for new fuel and polymer product development

We helped a major refiner of crude oil discover new technologies that could capture CO₂ created during their production operations and turn this waste gas into other products, such as fuels or polymers. CamIn investigated the next generation of CO₂ utilisation technologies under development, and evaluated each of these new solutions to determine which would best fit our client’s specific goals. Our work helped them plan their entry into an industry where the global value for products and fuels created from captured CO₂ could be worth as much as US$800 billion by 2030...



Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)—first developed in the 1990s, and introduced in vehicles the 2000s—have helped to reduce the number of road accidents, but ADAS cannot fully address this problem, as over 90% of all car accidents result from human mistakes. Innovations in sensors and computing power have led automobile manufacturers to pursue full vehicle automation, and many are now considering introducing this technology to the mass-market in the near future. Is the transfer of control from humans to their autonomous vehicles just around the corner? Self-driving cars will need to be ruled to be safe on...



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