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The cell and gene therapy market is forecasted to reach approximately $80 billion by 2030. This innovative field aims to rectify faulty genes to either cure diseases or enhance the body's ability to combat illnesses by influencing genetic processes. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms are capitalizing on novel cell and gene therapy technologies through recent patents to drive innovation and enhance their operations. For instance, Sangamo Therapeutics Inc. has patented methods and compositions for treating genetic disorders, while NBIOSE N.V. has developed techniques for producing galactosylated di- and oligosaccharides. With over 1,500 ongoing clinical trials and the FDA approval of 7 new gene therapies scheduled for rollout in 2023-204, the future of therapeutics is poised for significant advancement.

The promise of cell and gene therapy

Our client, a multinational biopharmaceutical company, had experience developing a wide range of successful products and treatments. However, they recognised that gene therapeutics represented an important sub-sector of the biopharmaceutical market that they couldn’t effectively address with their current technology portfolio. Our client wanted to understand this unfamiliar competitive and technological terrain, and wanted to quickly obtain actionable advice on the best approach for their planned expansion into the area. They contacted CamIn seeking guidance on expanding into this new area.

Diving deeper into 12 distinct opportunity areas

We worked with our client’s research and development department to understand their specific goals for this strategic expansion. We then assembled a project team of twelve leading experts, each possessing expertise in a specific area of gene therapeutics that our client intended to target in their expansion strategy.

We performed a thorough investigation of this technology area, exploring 12 distinct sub-areas most relevant to their strategy and then determining those best to pursue. Our evaluation also identified the state-of-the-art technological solutions, their strengths and weaknesses, and the market potential of each of the technologies in each sub-area.

Project Output Examples

Within six months of working with CamIn, our client acquired one of the innovative biopharmaceutical companies that we had advised them to pursue.

Benchmarking 125 technologies towards industry-leading acquisition

Our results, presented in a comprehensive report and workshop with our client’s R&D team, provided them with the information and the advice they needed to expand into this new area. We first identified more than 125 technologies within our client’s areas of interest. Then we provided a detailed evaluation of technologies that best fit our client’s strategy for expansion and commercialisation. Our client’s Head of R&D noted that our advice was “exactly what they wanted”. Their R&D head was also surprised that we could complete such high-quality work in such an “exceptionally short amount of time”—two months from the project’s start to its finish.

Within six months of working with CamIn, our client acquired one of the innovative biopharmaceutical companies that we had advised them to pursue. They have subsequently become a significant player in this fast-growing sub-sector of the biopharmaceutical industry.