Our Expert Model

How our clients benefit from CamIn

The potential costs and benefits

From investing in the wrong technologies at the wrong time, to not moving fast enough into emerging areas, firms waste millions of dollars on bungled innovation initiatives.

Our expert model helps ensure that your company's initiatives succeed.

Our approach
CamIn builds and manages agile interdisciplinary teams of technology and industry experts.

Our clients obtain strategic direction from CamIn's methodologies and insights from the best-informed people in the world today.

We de-risk investments into new technologies and ensure our clients can seize emerging opportunities.
The benefits of our model

Top 1% in their fields of expertise

Direct access to external experts who work for institutions ranging from MIT and Fraunhofer to IBM and Covestro.

We screen our external experts rigorously to confirm their credentials and their ability to identify strategic opportunities.

Our external experts peer-review recommendations during the research process ensuring our conclusions are clear, accurate, and objective.

Access to 100k+ experts

We handpick and assemble interdisciplinary teams from a dynamic network of 100,000+ external experts.

Unlike traditional consulting firms that are restricted to their in-house expertise, we provide insights from over 100,000 specialists from industry, science, and engineering.

We don’t rely on a static database, we seek out leading expertise across the full spectrum of emerging technologies and industries.

From diversification and innovation to deep technology due diligence, CamIn builds teams that solve a range of urgent innovation challenges.

Teams comprised 80%+ experts

Our consulting project teams are 80%+ experts with a diverse set of opinions, resulting in an objective output.

We select the expertise in the areas most relevant to your strategic goals.

Our insights are robust, rigorous and objective.

We handpick specialists with deep expertise in relevant technologies and industries.

Strategic insights in 3 months

We select and assemble teams of external experts, run projects, and deliver strategic recommendations.

We work alongside your teams to ensure we answer the questions you need answering.

Our in-house principals develop the project’s objectives before identifying, selecting, and managing the expert consulting team.

We extract the high-value insights from the team’s research and provide clear strategic recommendations you can act on today.
Our Expert-based Project Teams

Our experts help us cut through the technology hype from start-ups and generalist consultants and identify specific use cases that you can act on.

Our Science & Technology Experts have roles in world-class universities and research institutes such as:

Berkeley ● Cornell ● MIT ● Cambridge  Oxford ● TU Delft ● Imperial ● Johns Hopkins ● KU Leuven ● LSE ● McGill ● NREL  Northwestern ● TU Munich ● Fraunhofer Institute (and more)

Our Industry Experts developed their expertise through their work for prominent companies such as:

Deutsche Bank ● Morgan Stanley ● IKEA ● British Gas ● Philips ● Unilever ● Microsoft ● Qualcomm ● IBM ● Ericsson ● Apple ● Pfizer ● Adobe ● Walmart ● Covestro ● Huntsman ● NHS ● GSK ● GE ● Roche (and more)