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Companies may talk about climate and sustainability more than ever before. But when it comes to ESG, data provision is often patchy and inaccurate.

Opportunities in measuring and monitoring

Environmental measuring and monitoring presents opportunities across the board. Despite it being front of mind, Greenhouse (GHG) reporting is for the most part unsophisticated because it relies heavily on estimates.

Our client, a professional services firm, was looking to expand into new service offerings in environmental measuring and monitoring. CamIn was commissioned to assess opportunities that support improved measuring and monitoring across five sectors and industries.

Emerging metrics in ESG reporting

We began by working with a specialist for each of the five selected sectors. The analysis was supplemented by an analysis of ESG disclosures for the 52 biggest companies across the 5 sectors.

Our industry team provided a detailed map of the landscape, sorted metrics by environmental areas. After that, we assessed the materiality of metrics reported such as water consumed, air pollutant concentrations, particulate matter emissions, and flooding and fire risk. As well as assessing current metrics, we looked at likely future requirements for the different sectors.

Project Output Examples

Using this information, our client was able to prioritise possible product or service areas and sectors, opening up substantial potential revenue streams.

How technology could unlock more opportunities in environmental measuring and monitoring

Our specialist team assessed possible opportunities in environmental measuring and monitoring from a market-pull and technology-push perspective. The team assessed the regulatory landscape and pinpointed the areas most likely to face further scrutiny in the years to come.

We assessed the technology readiness of different innovations that could improve the accuracy and efficiency of environmental measuring and monitoring, including analysing the potential business case and implications of continuous or real-time measurement and monitoring.

In all, 71 environmental metrics, 14 new product or service opportunity areas, along with 34 example partner organizations with emerging technology capabilities were identified. Using this information, our client was able to prioritise possible product or service areas and sectors, opening up substantial potential revenue streams.