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Innovative foods for nutritional disorders

Innovative food ingredients improve the wellbeing of patients with medical conditions

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Investment in food innovation is on the rise. Innovations in food offer the promise of boosting nutrition and better catering to patients suffering from a range of medical conditions.

Food innovation for healthcare

Venture capital investment into food technology increased by a factor of 40 over the last decade, according to recently published figures.

Innovation opportunities in food are growing, with opportunities to develop a raft of new products serving a wide range of market segments, including the healthcare sector. Our client, a leading producer of frozen foods in Europe, had several successful meal products for customers in the healthcare and care home markets.

Food innovation for medical conditions

However, some of their customers’ patients suffered from medical conditions—such as dysphagia and nutritional disorders—that made eating conventionally-prepared meals difficult. Previously, our client had tried to accommodate patients’ needs by developing meals intended to better serve people with nutritional disorders. But its efforts were unsuccessful.

Our client’s R&D team lacked a detailed understanding of the ways that specific nutritional disorders cause difficulties for patients. Furthermore, investigating all innovative food processing technologies was a challenging task for the company’s internal team. As such, our client recognised they needed expert help getting actionable advice on new meals to better serve patients with specific nutritional and clinical needs.

Project Output Examples

Our research and guidance ensured new products will more effectively accommodate patients with nutritional disorders.

Assessing strengths and weaknesses of opportunities in food innovation

We provided actionable takeaways in a final report and workshop session. Our analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of innovative food processing technologies provided a straightforward way to determine the most suitable technologies to invest in. Additionally, our comprehensive assessment provided direction for their future research and development work on this challenge. Our research and guidance ensured new products will more effectively accommodate patients with nutritional disorders.