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CamIn has helped executives avoid costly misinvestments, accelerated their innovation pipelines, and increased their return-on-investment from innovation initiatives.

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“We have been impressed by CamIn’s professionalism, the ease of project set-up, their access to domain experts, speed of delivery and the quality and comprehensiveness of their findings.”

Chris Briggs

“We were very happy with how CamIn has quickly assembled a team of great experts and provided the vital analysis within weeks, saving us months of work.”

Tim Young

CamIn’s Breadth


Over $30 trillion of innovation opportunities


1,000+ new use cases already identified


Over 100,000 global specialists


Serving clients from 22 different industries


Innovation use case areas

Challenges we solve

We help our clients avoid poor investments in overhyped use cases and enable innovation.

Our clients often tell us they face the following challenges when investing into innovations, new use cases, and products/services:

Companies take a “wait and see” approach by talking to “people in the space”, making them slow in a competitive environment.

Companies rely on ideation workshops that only foster wishful thinking and unrealistic innovation goals.

Companies become overreliant on generalist consultants and biased start-ups that pitch innovation direction.

Companies are restricted by the limits of their in-house experts when evaluating technology areas beyond primary areas of expertise.

Companies adopt technologies pitched by start-ups as a trial-and-error approach without understanding the alternatives.

Our Services

White space & diversification strategy
Product & service innovation strategy
AI, digitalisation, and automation
Use case identification & feasibility
Technology scouting & due diligence
Technology blueprint development
Emerging technology & industry foresight

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Our Expertise-on-demand Delivery Models

CamIn acts as a flexible full-service strategic innovation partner helping it's clients from identifying new lucrative diversification and white space opportunities to successfully launching new products / services. CamIn engages it's clients in the following expertise-on-demand delivery models:


We provide strategic support in 3-6 month engagements where we confirm diversification and white space opportunities based on your competitive position and roadmap how to capture them.

Innovation Support

We provide innovation support in 1-3 month project sprints to push potential product / service opportunities through the innovation pipeline from ideation to launch.


We provide quick research on innovation and market questions, delivering them through insight reports, conferences, workshops, and advisory board meetings.

Our Global Footprint

CamIn can provide expert representation across more than 30 jurisdictions, spanning continental Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, and Japan

London ● New York City ● San Francisco ● Tokyo ● Chicago ● Cambridge ● Munich ● Austin ● Oxford ● Montreal ● Zurich ● Sydney ● Copenhagen ● Vienna (and more)


For every project, CamIn handpicks and manages agile interdisciplinary teams of technology and industry experts.

These external science & technology and industry experts constitute 80%+ of our project teams and provide objective actionable insights.
Science & Technology Experts
UC Berkeley ● MIT ● Cambridge ● Oxford ● TU Delft ● Johns Hopkins ● NREL ● Fraunhofer Institute (and more)
Industry Experts
Morgan Stanley ● IKEA ● Unilever ● Microsoft ● Qualcomm ● IBM ● Apple ● Pfizer ● Covestro ● GSK (and more)