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Capitalise on game-changing technologies

Capitalise on Game-changing innovation

Cambridge Innovation Consulting (CamIn) is an expert consulting firm dedicated to helping companies grow through game-changing innovation and world-class technology and industry expertise. From the C-suite to the front lines, we work with clients who grasp the importance of innovation and wish to grow their company by adopting lucrative use cases, enabled by cutting-edge technologies from across the industrial spectrum. We want our clients to lead the change instead of following a hype!

Using our innovative expert consulting model in combination with our methodologies and tools, we help companies transform by identifying technical solutions to grand challenges, increasing ROI on innovation initiatives, and capitalising on innovation-driven white space and diversification opportunities confidently and at speed. By combining strategic commercial thinking with the world’s best scientific expertise, CamIn is giving you the assurance and clarity you deserve to quickly capture new market segments, improve current offerings, and optimise internal operations.

THE CamIn approach

In a world of technology hype and false promises, CamIn guides executives through the vast and complex emerging technology landscape to grasp game-changing innovations quickly, confidently, and with minimal risk. This avoids the disconnect between the innovation and corporate strategies, increases your ROI, and delivers tangible results.

We cut through the hype to identify the exact use cases and specific assets you need to achieve your strategic goal. Using our Expert Consulting Model and working with the globe’s leading industry and technology experts, we give you the upper hand to:
  • Quickly grow your product/service portfolio and expand into new lucrative innovation-driven market segments.
  • De-risk your technology investments and increase the success rate and ROI of your current innovation initiatives.
  • Remain technologically competitive and future-proof yourself by identifying technical solutions to existing problems.
Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every global executive decision on technology innovation is de-risked and backed by world-class technology and industry expertise.

Delivering Reality.
Achieving Success.

Cambridge Innovation Consulting

Interdisciplinary Teams

An interdisciplinary approach is essential to our work. From the selection of the experts who serve on our project teams down to the final solutions we identify, our approach allows us to collect vital insights across different scientific disciplines, industries, and innovation cultures. CamIn’s experience and heritage makes this possible.


Many technologies promise to provide incredible benefits for businesses. However, it is necessary to differentiate between emerging technologies that can live up to their promises and those that can’t. Honesty and a realistic perspective define the way we evaluate potential solutions and determine our final recommendations.


Expertise is key to our organisation’s work. As technological innovations that create new diversification opportunities emerge daily, and it is difficult for any organisation to fully understand the state-of-the-art in a field. To capture those opportunities requires knowledge that only the most outstanding experts in that field possess.

Innovation Balance

Taking advantage of both near-term and long-term opportunities is crucial for companies pursuing innovation. Effective innovation strategies allow companies to achieve the near-term benefits by adopting the best emerging technologies available today, while also preparing for the game-changers that will disrupt the industry in the future.

Years of delivering tangible results


World-class experts we can connect you with globally


Trillion USD of future innovation-driven business opportunities

A letter from our managing directors

CamIn’s leaders are committed, entrepreneurial, and experienced explorers with diverse technology, industry, and consulting backgrounds. We help our clients navigate through complex fields of emerging technologies. With our advice and the insights of our teams of technology and industry experts, we help our clients pursue those game-changers that will shape and transform their industries for many decades to come.

We live in a world where technology innovation is occurring in every corner of every industry. Where science and technology are at the heart of every company’s strategy.

There are thousands of companies in the world with clear vision. But only a handful who have the ambition to reach their full potential. By embracing change and innovation, ambitious companies can leave their mark and lead their industry.
Dr Dishant Mahendru
Dr Dishant Mahendru
European Region
“There are thousands of companies in the world with clear vision. But only a handful who have the ambition to reach their full potential.”
Dr Dirk Mersch
Dr Dirk Mersch
North American Region
“By embracing change and innovation, ambitious companies can leave their mark and lead their industry.”

You'll be in good company.

See how CamIn has helped its clients identify technology solutions to their challenges, increase their ROI from their innovation initiatives, and capitalise on some of the $30 trillion of new innovation-driven diversification opportunities available over the next decade.

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