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White space & diversification strategy

Seize new business opportunities by identifying technologies to meet new market demands. Unlock value from identifying unmet customer needs in adjacent industries.

Access innovations from unfamiliar industries
Clarify market-pull factors in adjacent industries
Benchmark the potential of new opportunities

Product & service innovation strategy

See further into the future. Technologies are unlocking new opportunities to reimagine products, services, business models, and manufacturing and production. Get a robust strategy to help you gain ground on competitors, reduce R&D spend. Confirm processes and business models to capitalise on opportunities.

Invest in the most promising technologies
Evaluate use cases for emerging technologies
Find “quick-win” product and service opportunities

AI, digitalisation, and automation

Our team of experts will help you navigate an increasingly technologically diverse landscape. Invest in technology upgrades that power performance improvements. Harness data analytics to gain superior performance, efficiency, and accuracy.

Improve productivity and efficiency
Improve ROI for technology upgrades
Reduce barriers to integration

Use case identification & feasibility

Improve your chance of innovation success. Our analysis will highlight the practical applications of a given technology, along with its commercial viability in the immediate term and over the decades to come.

Objective assessments of commercialisation potential
Analysis of R&D progress for emerging technologies
Gain relevant use case assessments

Technology scouting & due diligence

Firms are being pitched new service, partnership and acquisition opportunities on a continual basis. But accessing robust assessments of technology capabilities and commercialisation timeframes is a challenge. CamIn provides detailed objective assessments of potential targets.

Identify partnership and acquisition targets
Perform due diligence on acquisition targets

Technology blueprint development

Poorly executed technology adoption can cost millions of dollars and put reputations on the line. We bring together specialists to provide blueprints that will improve the likelihood of successful new technology adoption.

Actionable blueprints for new technology adoption
Vendor service benchmarking
Roadmaps and plans for innovation hubs

Emerging technology & industry foresight

The technologies that will shape our future and their optimal applications are not necessarily those discussed today. Our analysis will provide clarity on the most interesting applications of emerging technologies and the opportunities for diversification.

Technology evaluations and development forecasts
Opportunities in adjacent and converging industries

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We're a strategic innovation consultancy powered by 100,000+ tech and industry insiders.

We've already identified over $30 trillion dollars of innovation opportunities for our clients.


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