Opportunities in circular economy


Opportunities in circular economy

25+ technologies and business models underpinning circular economy

Innovation opportunities in circular economy

Reducing environmental impacts will become an increasingly pressing for companies. But more progress is needed. And innovation has a crucial role to play.

What innovations and technologies could help companies close the loop? And what role could reinforcement learning and quantum computing play in designing a more circular future?

In this report, we share more than 25 enabling technologies and business models, ranging from biomimetic approaches and recyclable polymers to performance or take-back contracts and product-as-a-service business models.

In this report, you’ll find:

  • Companies investing in circular economy technologies, such as molecular recycling
  • 20+ emerging technologies underpinning the transition to circular economy
  • Examples of how managerial practices are being reimagined
  • Innovations in materials and components
  • Emerging business models supporting circular economy

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