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Product innovation roadmap

It is important to do product innovation roadmapping, as it sets clear expectations when certain product features will be developed and how.


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Sectors for product innovation opportunities

Energy transition ● Future mobility ● Industry 4.0 ● Sustainable manufacturing ● Smart quality control and monitoring ● Sustainable food ● and more...

What are the 4 Ps of product innovation?

Product: This dimension focuses on changes in the actual product or service itself. It includes enhancements, redesigns, or entirely new offerings. Innovations in product features, design, functionality, and quality fall under this category.

Process: Process innovation aims to improve operational efficiency within a company. It often happens internally and can significantly impact profitability. Examples include streamlining manufacturing processes, optimising supply chains, or adopting agile development methodologies.

Position: Position refers to how a product is positioned in the market. Innovations in positioning involve redefining the target audience, identifying unique value propositions, and differentiating from competitors. Effective branding, pricing strategies, and market segmentation play a role here.

Paradigm: Paradigm shifts involve fundamental changes in how an industry operates. These innovations challenge existing norms and create entirely new ways of doing things, creating white spaces. Examples include the shift from physical to digital music (iTunes) or the transition from traditional taxis to ride-sharing services (Uber).

What is product innovation roadmap?

Early stages of product innovation are covered by Diversification Strategy and White Space Strategy, depending on the type of product innovation. After the company has set the strategy and has determined the innovation partners, it needs to create a product innovation roadmap. This roadmap outlines what features the minimum viable product (MVP) will have and what features will be implemented over the next 10 years and when.

We highlight what are the 4 Ps of product innovation and why it is important to build a product innovation roadmap. This roadmap heavily relies on technology forecast based on technological trends identified during innovation strategy.

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Holistic product innovation framework

There is no one framework that fits all, and every company has to work out what works in their own context. At CamIn, we work with clients to help them develop their product innovation roadmaps through our Expert Consulting Model. Here are the general steps you should follow:

Activity Action
Complete previous stages Product innovation roadmapping activity can begin after completing the Innovation Strategy, Diversification Strategy, and Technology Scouting guides.
Launch an MVP Launch your MVP and validate your assumptions in regards to market desirability, product feasibility, and business viability. Apply lessons learned before scaling up to a full product or service development and launch.
Product features Based on the findings of your innovation strategy, and your market demand analysis, identify which features you would like to implement. It is also important to determine when will the technologies be mature enough to enable those features, and what are the roadblocks.
Product innovation roadmap Take the desired product features and the commercialisation timeframe of the enabling technologies, and put them onto a timeline. Make sure your business strategy and innovation teams are aligned with this roadmap.
Feedback loop Periodically repeat the innovation strategy and diversification strategy process and adjust your roadmap accordingly based on shifting market demands or changing enabling technologies.