Decarbonising the transport sector


Decarbonising the transport sector

19 alternative fuels ranked by R&D progress, commercialisation potential, and feasibility.

Opportunities in alternative fuels

Interest in alternative fuels is surging. But which fuels make sense for what application, and when? 

Our team of independent experts assessed 19 different alternative fuels for applications across three sectors over a 1-15+ year timeline.

In this report, you'll find:

  • Six immediate action recommendations across aviation, maritime and trucking sectors.
  • The most promising alternative fuels, ranked over time.
  • The sectors with the lowest barriers to entry for deployment of alternative fuels.
  • 19 alternative fuels ranked by R&D progress, commercialisation potential and feasibility.

Why clients trust us

We’re objective, interdisciplinary and specialist. To date, we’ve identified trillions of dollars of innovation opportunities for clients.

By harnessing the power of 100,000+ industry experts, we provide objective assessments of emerging technologies, giving our clients the confidence to invest in tomorrow’s technologies, today.

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