Realistic Blockchain use cases in healthcare


Realistic Blockchain use cases in healthcare

Blockchain shows promise and key benefits in 5 key application areas however still faces challenges in adoption.

Blockchain is an emerging, nascent technology that carries potential to streamline and improve many systems in healthcare. Capitalising on blockchain has the potential to better support every member in the healthcare ecosystem with a system with greater transparency, security, and trust. Nevertheless, since blockchain is such a new technology, there is much that is yet to be defined, including the regulatory guidelines that should govern the distributed storage of data in blockchain and the potential costs of switching to blockchain technology.

The use cases for blockchain in the healthcare sector are potentially numerous. From securing patient data and promoting medical research collaboration, to pharmacological surveillance and clinical trials.

In this report, you'll find:

  • An overview benefits, applications, and challenges facing adoption of blockchain technology
  • Insight into use cases within 5 core application areas: Electronic medical records, Medical research collaborations, Databases for 'omics' technologies, Medical supply chain, and Clinical trial management
  • Case studies on the MediLedger and PharmaLedger networks

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