The CamIn expert consulting model

Powered by specialist teams

We guide clients through the complex environment of emerging technologies.

Unlike traditional consulting firms that are restricted by their in-house expertise, we assemble and manage agile interdisciplinary teams of technology and industry experts.

Our experts are specifically selected for their expertise in the areas most relevant to your strategic goals.
Our insights are robust, rigorous and objective.

We handpick specialists with deep expertise in relevant technologies and industries.

Then we build teams using internal methodologies and tools, to access new innovation-driven diversification opportunities and solve technology challenges with minimal risk.

The benefits of our model


Objective insights that reduce risk

We screen all our experts rigorously to confirm their credentials and their ability to identify strategic opportunities.

Our peer-review experts evaluate the analyses during each project to ensure the recommendations we provide are clear, accurate, and objective.

Intelligence outside your company's area of expertise

At CamIn, we don’t rely on a static database. Instead, we seek out the leading expertise across the full spectrum of emerging technologies and industries. We then select and manage project teams of experts to ensure they deliver actionable insights.

Make bold strategic decisions

We work alongside your teams to ensure we answer the questions you need answering.

We work with you to establish the project’s objectives and then identify, select, and manage the project’s expert consulting team.

Using our in-house tools, processes and methodologies, we extract the high-value insights from the team’s research and provide you with clear strategic recommendations you can act on.

Client Case Studies

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