Dr Cas Milner, Principal

Cas is the Principal for CamIn’s Global Emerging Digital Technology Division. He is responsible for business development, client relations, and introducing innovative digital technologies into his client’s portfolios.  Cas is focused on strategic adoption of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and optimization, as a subject matter expert in the financial, consumer, and energy industries. 


His BS and PhD degrees in Physics are from The University of Texas at Austin, and he has over 30 years of experience in research and business. His leadership roles have included Chief Data Scientist, Portfolio Manager, and Quantitative Consulting Team Leader at IBM.  Cas holds several patents in artificial intelligence.

Cas has great enthusiasm for helping leaders seize opportunities enabled by advanced technology, typically working with decision makers who guide and develop innovation: CEOs, CTOs, and Chief Innovation Officers.  He believes economic growth is fostered by science and technology, and that Camin’s unique, expert-driven approach identifies the key innovations crucial to the future of humanity, and thriving corporate operations.  Cas is very motivated to collaborate in this ongoing and exciting process.  He has led projects to define strategy and prove advanced technology in the energy industry (for a major multi-national oil company, and also a US pipeline company), tax accounting (Big4 firm), consultancy (major consulting firm), and investment management (hedge funds).

Cas is fluent in English.  For over ten summers, he has taught a short course in New Mexico on the scientific and human history of the Manhattan Project.  In addition, he loves hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and is an avid painter.


BS Physics

The University of Texas, Austin

PhD Physics

The University of Texas, Austin


c.milner [at] camin.com

+44 (0)7388 2664 65

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