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Automated manufacturing processes have enabled companies to make their production lines more responsive to changes in demand, to achieve new levels of efficiency, and to identify and fix problems faster than ever. However, the interconnected nature of automated production lines also exposes manufacturers to new risks from cyber threats. For example, adversaries could manipulate their construction process to produce subtle, but potentially catastrophic defects, in the production of parts.

Our Client knew that their automated, interconnected, global supply chain was state-of-the-art as a manufacturing process, but they wanted to ensure that it was also sufficiently protected against cyber threats. Their initial research had revealed that few cybersecurity solutions existed that addressed their unique challenges as an industrial manufacturer. Additionally, most solutions would not protect their network of third-party suppliers. As a result, they wanted to acquire new technology, or partner with a company developing innovative cybersecurity technology, to create an effective solution for themselves.

They asked CamIn to predict what kinds of cyber threats they would most likely face over the next 5-10 years, and to evaluate what kinds of cyber security technologies will be necessary to address those threats. Additionally, they asked us to advise them on which companies are developing suitable cyber security technology that they could acquire and develop into complete solutions.


future vulnerabilities identified.


countermeasures proposed.


innovative start-ups identified for future partnerships.


CamIn developed technology roadmaps examining the cybersecurity challenges facing the Client’s production lines, computer networks, and extended supply chain. These roadmaps also included a thorough evaluation of the current market trends in each area, and the likely paths for future R&D and innovation. Then we identified emerging start-ups developing everything from intellectual property to production-ready solutions relevant to enhancing the Client’s cybersecurity in these three areas over the next 5-10 years.

We evaluated these technologies on their ability to meet current cyber threats, and forecast each technology’s potential in responding to critical types of cyber threats as they evolve.


CamIn’s final report and workshop session provided the Client with a comprehensive landscape of the most significant cyber threats that they are likely to face, and our experts’ projections of how these threats will evolve over the next decade. We also identified the most important characteristics that the potential cyber security solutions need to possess to effectively protect the Client’s automated equipment, their computer networks, and their global supply chain from these cyber threats. Our analysis also included a detailed list of potential partners that the Client could work with to develop a complete solution for their specific needs. Armed with this information and our expert guidance, the Client could move forward confidently with their strategy to develop a customised and effective cybersecurity solution.


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