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Numerous new use cases of behavioural economics in infrastructure operation and construction are evolving, driven by the challenges involved in increasing revenue in airports and toll highways, increasing security in construction, and fully understanding the human necessities. For this, behavioural economics models are constantly appearing, explaining human behaviour from a methodological point of view. The client was looking to understand the use cases related to behavioural economics for each of their BUs, their potential benefits and advantages, the challenges they solve, their required enabling technologies, and the legal constraints and challenges behind them.

The challenge was (1) to produce a full landscape of current and emerging use cases related to behavioural economics in the infrastructures sector, (2) to categorise them into behavioural economics-based models, (3) to allocate them to each of the different BUs and to user groups, and (4) to extract recommendations for best next business actions.

Each behavioural economics-based model was described in terms of the Use Cases it presented. Each use case was in turn analysed in terms of its key benefits according to a series of Critical Success Factors (CSFs), key impact, and its suitability to the client current business portfolio.


experts assembled for

the consulting team.


use cases shortlisted.


weeks were spent for project delivery.


CamIn worked with the Client to understand their goals for this use case identification project, and to identify the recommended best next business actions for their current and future assets. In total, 12 Behavioural Economics Models were identified, and were applied to each of the client’s Business Units. Some technology areas were identified as key areas where Behavioural Economics will play a key role, as well as ancillary topics with the potential to affect the industry, such as mobility as a service, digital twins, etc.

To conduct a thorough examination of the Behavioural Economics Models, CamIn assembled a team of 8 leading experts who have worked and researched the individual sectors for most of their long careers. For each of the areas individually, our team’s analysis covered the present state of business models in each of the client’s Business Units, as well as those currently under development through a forecast. This concluded by identifying the most interesting Business models and best next actions arising from the identified Behavioural Economics, market pull and technology push developments over the next decade.


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