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Our Client, a major corporation focused on the production of oil and gas, had recently been created through a merger. As they worked to define their business strategy, they recognised that their company’s future would depend on addressing several significant challenges.

In particular, global interest in renewable forms of energy generation has grown as nations are seeking strategies to move away from the use of fossil fuel for energy generation. As a result of this change in how energy is produced and consumed, there also is a pressing need to invest in new energy transfer, distribution technologies and their ancillary technologies to ensure energy security. These social, political and technological trends would lead to significant impacts on the Client’s primary sources of revenue over the long-term. They also presented new opportunities, which they could pursue by investing in innovative technologies that offer the best opportunities within the energy value chain, and are aligned with their core internal capabilities.

In developing their new business’s strategy to respond to these challenges, they sought CamIn’s expert guidance to understand the full present and future landscape of the energy industry.


experts assembled for

the consulting team.


technology areas assessed for energy generation, storage, and utilisation.


weeks were spent for project delivery.


CamIn worked with the Client to understand their goals for this research project, and to identify the energy technologies areas and their associated technologies that they were most interested in potentially pursuing. In total, 17 energy industry areas were identified covering the entire value chain of the energy industry (from generation to end-user) as well as ancillary topics with the potential to affect the industry, such as carbon capture, storage and utilisation, bioplastics and electric vehicles.

To conduct a thorough examination of the 17 distinct areas identified, CamIn assembled a team of 16 leading experts who have worked and researched the individual sectors for most of their long careers. For each of the areas individually, our team’s analysis covered the present state-of-the-art technologies as well as those currently under development in the world’s top research institutes, and included forecasts of the area’s likely technological development over the next decade.


We delivered our findings in a comprehensive final report, and contributed our advice during the Client’s workshop sessions focused on defining their broader business strategy. Our results gave the Client’s team a clear vision where the energy industry is heading over the next 10 years, and provided a straightforward, evidence-based evaluation of which of the many technologies covered were likely to become most significant over the next decade. The Client’s Head of Growth and Innovation said that our report would be the authoritative source that would inform their work to address these challenges in the future.


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